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We are Bulk Exporters of Amla Dried Fruits, Amla dried fruit Powder, Amla Extract, Amla Capsule and Amla Oil from India. We are Amla suppliers to some leading traders, distributors and manufacturers at Canada, USA, German, South Africa and some South East Countries. Our Amla fruit from India is collected from the wild forest by the Tribal of India, then cleaned, dried in our processing unit and packed in 25 Kg HDPF bags for export. Demand for Amla Extract in the world market is growing due to increasing awareness and supportive research into the use of Amla extracts as Natural Vitamin C Supplement. Amla has also wide applicability in cosmetics for Hair such as shampoo and conditioners. Our Amla undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Amla confirms to WHO standards.


Amla Powder ....

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Introduction: Amla powder is very easy to consume. From children to older people, Amla powder is prefered to fresh amla fruits as its Bio-availability is higher than Amla fruits. Besides, Amla powder is easy to store and transport. Like Amla extracts, Amla powder can also be easily used in various different forms such as capsules and tablets.

Process : Amla powder is obtained from dry amla fruits. These amla fruits are first washed thoroughly to remove any impurities. After washing, the amla fruits are pulped. Pulping is followed by sun drying to reduce its moisture content. The product obtained is then grinded and seived. After this, the dry powder obtained is packed up for storage and transportation.

Chemistry : This product is soluble in water, a brown free flowing powder and contains almost 15% polyphenols.

Amla Fruit
Actions :
Amla Fruit
  • general health tonic (for example Chyvanaprash).

  • Making pickles and preservatives.

  • Preparation of Hair Conditioners.

  • Preparation of Digestive Medicine.

  • Added into Food Supplements.

  • A cold infusion of powdered Amla is used as an eyewash.

  • Amla is one of best-known remedy for scurvy. Dry Amla powder mixed with sugar is very effective against the disease.

For best quality Bulk Amla Powder from India, contact us at

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