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We are Bulk Exporters of Amla Dried Fruits, Amla dried fruit Powder, Amla Extract, Amla Capsule and Amla Oil from India. We are Amla suppliers to some leading traders, distributors and manufacturers at Canada, USA, German, South Africa and some South East Countries. Our Amla fruit from India is collected from the wild forest by the Tribal of India, then cleaned, dried in our processing unit and packed in 25 Kg HDPF bags for export. Demand for Amla Extract in the world market is growing due to increasing awareness and supportive research into the use of Amla extracts as Natural Vitamin C Supplement. Amla has also wide applicability in cosmetics for Hair such as shampoo and conditioners. Our Amla undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Amla confirms to WHO standards.


Amla Tea ....

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Introduction: According to Ayurveda, Amla is one of the best drug meant for the treatment of vitiated Pitta-dosha. The same Dosha is also responsible for hair problems such as hair loss and premature greying of the hair. So Amla in form of oil is of great use in these cases. Owing to these properties, Amla oil is used in formulations using such herbs as Brahmi (Centela asciatica/Bacopa monnieri), Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Reetha (Sapindus mukorossi) etc. These formulations enhances hair protection, cleansing, nourishing, cleans the dandruff, promote sleep,increase memory and intellectand keeps the mind cool.

Process : Washing, Pulping (1/8" Sieve), Finishing (1/16" Sieve), Pasteurization (80-85C), Turbo Extractor (1mm sieve), Intermediate Tank, Sterilization.

Chemistry : This product is soluble in water, pale green to deep brown free flowing powder and contains more than 25% polyphenols.

Amla Tea
Actions :
Amla Tree
  • It is "Sattwic" (stimulates spiritual purity).

  • Increases "OJAS"(the subtle essence of living matter, the foundation of good health, mental sanity, and spiritual growth).

  • It is one of the world's oldest, natural hair conditioners. It enriches hair growth and pigmentation. It prevents premature graying of hair and makes them strong as supports the strength of the hair follicles (and thus prevents hair-fall) and free from dandruff. Customarily, a small amount of amla oil is applied to the hair after washing. This not only brings forth a rich, natural shine and soft texture, but also helps rejuvenate hair that is dull and damaged. It also prevents split hair ends.

For best quality Bulk Amla Tea from India, contact us at

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